Fall is in the air…achoo

Fall is in the air…achoo.

Welcome to Charleston, South Carolina. Folks around here know that fall is nothing to sneeze at.


If you live in another part of the country you are probably wondering why I inserted the phrase “achoo.”

You probably associate autumn with leaves turning to flaming orange and yellow and red, crisp, sweet apples, a chill in the air, the smell of wood smoke…



But if you live in Charleston or some other warm regions of the country, you know exactly to what I am referring. Achoo…scratch, scratch…ragweed.

I spent the better part of yesterday sneezing and scratching my face and arms and neck. It’s really tricky when the palms of your hands and the bottoms of your feet start itching but I have perfected my method of scratching without tickling. It is a fine balance, my friend.

I took an antihistamine which helped with the itching but, of course, made me groggy and more muddle-minded than usual. Looking at the pollen forecast for the rest of the week, I moaned. Yesterday was considered only moderately high. The next few days promise to be even worse. Tissues and antihistamine in hand, I went to bed last night determined to get in front of the itching and sneezing. I am happy to report that my plan has worked so far. I am virtually itch- and sneeze-free this morning! Apparently allergy management is much like pain management. You have to stay ahead of the pain/sneeze.

My daughter suffers from the same allergic reactions but not everyone in my household/family does. To these non-sufferers I suspect we seem somewhat weak in character. I probably react in a similar way with some of their ailments.

I suppose the saying is a good one to remember: never judge someone until you have walked a mile in their nose…I mean shoes.

Happy fall!