Inspiration 5.31.13 / Flower Power

Sunflower / Photo by Amy Watson Smith

Sunflowers. Who isn’t inspired by this sunshine on a stick? And while I am sure they would be cheerful and lovely in a smaller package, their lumbering giant-size makes them almost ridiculous and therefore, in my mind, even more fun.

Driving through a neighborhood not far from my house, I caught a glimpse of these bright golden-yellow flowers. I immediately pulled over to take a closer look. It turns out that they were planted in a little plot of land that was a community garden–something that I quite frankly was surprised to find in this upscale neighborhood. Not much else was in full bloom yet in this garden so these stars stole the show. Soon the tomatoes and squash and zinnias will be squeezing them out, but for now they are center stage.

Photograph by Amy Watson Smith, 2013