St. George and the dragon

My take on the St. George flag.

My take on the St. George flag.

I know that we all have our own dragons to slay throughout our lives, but I can’t help but be frustrated and sad that my precious godson, George, has to slay his dragon at only 18 months.

Though he was born with a heart defect, George has done remarkably well with relatively little medical intervention. He and his parents went to Boston to the Children’s Hospital for a procedure a little over a week ago but unfortunately the doctor’s have decided that he needs open heart surgery. This is scheduled for Tuesday, May 7th. Will you join me in praying for George and for his parents?

I have ordered bumper stickers (see above) to help raise awareness and to encourage people to pray for George. If you would like one, please contact me at

  • Teresa

    Praying for George and his heart surgery. Keep us posted on how things are going.
    Our heart child is 14. : )

    • Amy Watson Smith

      Thanks so much, Teresa. I will be sure to pass this along to our friends. I know they appreciate your prayers and will be encouraged by your family’s story.

  • Amy Watson Smith

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  • erhunter

    Thank you, dear Friend. We are so grateful to you and yours for all your support. It has been truly humbling.

  • Bryan

    Amy, in all the craziness I somehow missed this. Amazing. Thanks so very, very much.

    Love, St. George’s Daddy