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Edisto: Old School Beach Vacation, Part Two

The second half of our week away at Edisto Beach was just as great as the first half. The weather at the beach held out for most of the week. Unfortunately our friends in Charleston were not so lucky and one friend who was expected to join us was stuck in town. In the end we hosted lots of friends–and loads of God sons! We are truly blessed.

Now, back to the real world…

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Not all sunshine

Not all sunshine


Sweet George

Sweet George

Morning ninja moves

Morning ninja moves

Sea turtle nest


Where are they?

Where are they?

img_2953 (1)

sea oats



Impromptu picnic below stairs

Impromptu picnic below stairs


The race

The race





Boys / Photo by James McKinney



Good bye

Good bye

img_3142 (1)

Packing up

Packing up


Until next summer

Until next summer / Photo by Michael K. Smith, Aug 2013

All photos are by Amy Watson Smith unless otherwise indicated (August 2013)

Edisto: Old School Beach Vacation

The August Break 2013, Days 10-14

A week away at Edisto Beach, South Carolina with family and friends–old school.

Edisto Beach 1

Trio of teens

A trio of teens

Trio of teens up close

Trio of teens totem

Teen totem

Edisto Shag

Afternoon at beach followed by the shag. Classic Carolina.

The Girls

Boiled peanuts, wine and girl friends…

Water station

Edisto tap water is only good for cooking grits.

Water station 2

Reverse osmosis water at the fire station


Water play

Water play 2

Shark Week is Scary

Shark Week is scary.


Edisto beach view

Wake up teenager

Only these two can wake this teenager with out getting hit.

Shark boy

Shark boy ready for the beach.

I Hart the Beach

Godbrother Godsister

Beach view

Edisto Beach 2





Storm approaches

Time to go

Clouds gathering

Vegetable stand

Cheating on tomato pie

Always moving

Take flight

Apparently everyone on Edisto goes to the Piggly Wiggly when it rains

Apparently everyone on Edisto goes to the Piggly Wiggly when it rains

The Cost of Costco

The August Break 2013, Day Seven

I went to Costco yesterday to buy things for our week at Edisto beach (South Carolina) next week.

Cost of Costco

Surprise. I bought a lot of things not on my list.

Surprise. The bill was really big.

This is why I don’t go to Costco very often.

I looked over the receipt when I got home and realized that it wasn’t as bad as I thought initially. Once I subtracted the items that are really for home, the bill was a third less. Then when I considered that I was buying food for seven days, three meals a day plus snacks for 6-12 people (and some are teenagers), I realized that it was really about $7 per person per day. Okay. Not bad at all–a bargain in fact. I feel much better.

We decided to rent this beach house for a week because we wanted a place to relax before the busyness of fall set in. We also thought that since Edisto is only an hour and a half from Charleston that it would be a great opportunity to invite our friends down to enjoy a day or two before the end of summer. Thankfully a number of friends have accepted our invitation and we will have a variety of people in and out all week long. We can’t wait!

I guess the cost of Costco is not so great after all.

By the way, I will be making delicious Edisto tomato pie. Click here for my recipe. I imagine shrimp and grits will be on the menu as well. Naturally we will be picking up our Geechie Boy Grits from our dear friends Betsy and Greg Johnsman at Geechie Boy Market and Mill on Edisto Island. Click here, here and here to read more about them.


Breaking All the Rules

Okay. I admit that just saying this makes me a little apprehensive. I’m not much of a rule breaker. I’m more comfortable with boundaries and limits and schedules.

Needing fences

I operate better with some boundaries.

Now I am not saying that I’m not rebellious. I certainly push against these very limits but breaking them is a different matter.

I guess that is why I was so intrigued when Susannah Conway gave me permission to break the rules this month.

Like most bloggers, I have set up a pretty rigid schedule of posting to keep me on track and accountable. It has been a bit more difficult to follow my self-imposed schedule during the summer and I have to admit that I have felt a bit guilty when I have missed a deadline or skimped on content.

With only a few weeks of summer left before my daughter heads back to school, I don’t want to miss out on any time that we may have together as a family. That is why Susannah’s August Break 2013 is so welcome.


So what is the August Break 2013? It is a photo challenge for bloggers that encourages us to simply be present in the moment (not unlike the 1000 Gifts list idea from Ann Voskamp). What challenges me about this is that there really aren’t any rules. She suggests taking a photo and posting it every day but you can also participate less frequently. You can add words or not…it is simply about freedom and enjoying taking photographs.

I need this break in my schedule right now. I am determined to not miss out on any time with my family as the summer slowly slips away.

I know that September will come barging in with its meetings and activities and demands. I also have a big writing project that I will begin in September, so I think a break from words might be a good thing for me.

So, thanks to Susannah, I am giving myself permission to break the rules. Check back in with me when you can to see what photos I am posting. And then come September, I will be back on track.

Savor the summer, my friends!