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Why I love Rainy Days

Today was a rainy day in Charleston. But I didn’t mind.

I love rainy days.

Its a good thing because we get a lot of rain in the Lowcountry.

Here are some of the reasons why I love rainy days.

Catching up on some old-school letter-writing in celebration of the last day of National Letter Writing Month

Catching up on some old-school letter writing in celebration of the last day of National Letter Writing Month

Charleston is known for it's flooding problems especially in the area around my daughter's school. Getting around town in the rain can be a challenge but fun!

Charleston is known for it’s flooding problems especially in the area around my daughter’s school. Getting around town in the rain can be a challenge but fun!

April showers bring May flowers. And I love any opportunity to wear my Hunter boots and pink trench coat!

April showers bring May flowers. And I love any opportunity to wear my Hunter boots and pink trench coat!

Sunday afternoon essentials

An afternoon in to read, relax and get some puppy love.

How do you spend a rainy day?

Ravenel Bridge to Charleston

The Changing Nature of Nature

The August Break 2013Day 19

When I left my home in Mount Pleasant this morning the sky was blue and the sun was out. As  I headed across the Ravenel Bridge to downtown Charleston, I was surprised to see that the sky over the city was really dark.

Ravenel Bridge to Charleston

Ravenel Bridge to Charleston

I love driving across the bridge when the sky is so dark. The white cables on the bridge really pop.

Island popping

The gray sky turns the green on Drum Island chartreuse.

Once I hit the Crosstown and turned on to Rutledge Avenue the rain started.

Bottom drops out on Rutledge

At the next stoplight, the rain came down harder but the sun was shining. I had to put back on my sunglasses.

sun and rain

A few blocks further down Rutledge Avenue, the rain slowed to a stop.

downtown Charleston

Two blocks away the rain started again.

New Street

Heading back across the bridge, I had to put on my shades again and turn on the windshield wipers.

Bridge home

Back home in Mount Pleasant–only 30 minutes later–I was back in the sun and no rain was in sight.

Classic Lowcountry weather.

A cow, a tutu and chocolate milk / 1000 Gifts and Inspiration

Cow close up

#141. Inspired by the absurd

Sometimes you have to look for inspiration. And at other times, it just hits you.

Knowing that this week was a holiday week and that I wanted to spend time with my family and friends, I decided to combine my three weekly posts (1000 Gifts list, Reflection and Inspiration) into one single post. My plan was to write something reflective and inspirational about my gratitude for the freedom we have in our country–something for the Fourth of July. I just had to get inspired….

My  modus operandi when I develop an idea for a post to my blog is to go about my daily routine running errands, doing domestic duties, working, being with my family and friends, etc. but keeping my eyes open and my camera handy. I am constantly on the prowl for the subject of my next piece and never quite know where I am going to find it.

This week was no different. Several things caught my attention and I had a few ideas brewing in my head. One particular event over the weekend was simply full of possibilities…but, alas, I promised the folks involved that it would not end up on my blog (at least not yet).

And then suddenly there it was: inspiration. As I sat at a seemingly endless stoplight I looked to my left and saw it. The Coburg Cow. In a tutu.

If you live in Charleston, SC or are familiar with this portion of Savannah Highway (Highway 17 South), you already know what I am talking about and you have probably seen this icon dressed in all manner of attire. For the rest of you, here is a summary. The Coburg Cow is a three-dimensional rotating sign featuring a cow and a bottle of milk (sometimes chocolate or egg nog) that is situated at St. Andrews Shopping Center on Savannah Highway in West Ashley. The sign was erected for the Coburg Dairy in 1959 and has become a landmark in this city of many landmarks.

I grabbed my camera and managed to get a few shots before the light turned green. Even though the tutu was wet from the days of rain we have had, I couldn’t help but chuckle at the absurdity of the thing.

Later over lunch, my husband suggested that this just might be the inspiration I was looking for this week. We discussed the cow over nachos wondering how many people drove by her over the years? How long has she been wearing costumes? Was it a particular person’s job to dress her or did a team do this? And when? Had anyone ever seen her being costumed on the spot or did they come in the middle of the night? So many questions….Quite a bit of conversational mileage for a silly cow in a tutu.

Inspiration can come in many forms: in the beautiful, the heroic, the creative, the compassionate,…and sometimes in the absurd.

One Thousand Gifts / #131-140

I am particularly thankful this week for the blessing of Camp St. Christopher on Seabrook Island. My daughter just returned yesterday from her eighth year of this awesome summer camp. They are celebrating their 75th anniversary this weekend. I will be writing more about the impact of Camp St. Christopher on my family and so many others on this blog on Tuesday, so please come back and check it out.

131. Rosebank Farms

132. Mother’s birthday

133. Rain boots on a rainy day

134. Puddles

135. Hello sunshine

136. 75 years of sharing Jesus with kids

137. Camp friends

138. Seaside baptism with a cloud of witnesses

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us…Hebrews 12:1

139. Saying goodbye Carolina style–one last Shag dance

140. Teenager home from camp

Froggie went a courtin’… / Inspiration 6.20.13


We have had a lot of rain recently.


Days and days of it.

Rain boots

So much rain that I have taken to leaving the rain boots on the front porch.

With so many days of rain, I have found it difficult to find much inspiration visually. I am waterlogged.

Rain on windshield

That is until last night.

As we were leaving the restaurant where we had just celebrated my mother’s 77th birthday, we dodged the last of the rain drops still clinging to the leaves of the live oak trees lining the parking lot. Then I heard it.

The throaty call of the bullfrogs. From under the umbrella I produced my iPhone and recorded the sounds.

Playing it over the speakers of my car, seconds later, we laughed at the symphony I had captured.



Arriving home we were greeted by the summer’s night serenade filling the moist air growing louder as I neared their watery home behind our house.

Listen to the sounds of a bullfrog serenade


One brave soul starts the throaty call and is joined quickly by a chorus of his brothers each one competing to out-croak the other. Working themselves into a frenzy, the group suddenly tires. Now just a few. Now two. One. Now silence.  The circular whistle-chirp of the crickets together fills in the background.

Froggie went a courtin’ and he did ride…

I am reminded of the folk song. The one my father strummed and my mother sang years ago on a summer night of my childhood.

Froggie went a courtin’ and he did ride…

Sounds bring memories.

Inspiration everywhere.

Often when one of our senses is dulled, another sharpens. Can you describe a time when this has happened to you?

Listen to an original recording of this song by Woody Gutherie.


127. Monster frog

Frog too close for comfort.

One Thousand Gifts / #120-130

Much to be thankful for in my life and this week’s additions reflect that!

Terrace / Photo by Amy Watson Smith, 2013

120. Date night

Chili co queso / Photo by Amy Watson Smith, 2013

121. Chips and queso

Palmetto moon in parking lot / Photo by Amy Watson Smith, 2013

122. Palmetto moon in parking lot

Edisto tomato pie

123. Edisto tomato pie

124. Daughter dooting on daddy

124. Daughter doting on daddy

125. Caught in rain storm

125. Caught in rainstorm

126. Respite from rain

126. Respite from rain

127. Monster frog

127. Lowcountry full of life

128. Returning to camp

128. Returning to camp

129. St. Michael's VBSers praying for George

129. St. Michael’s VBSers praying for George

130. Fields flowered in color

130. Fields flowered with color